Name: Onyx
Price: 100.00 80.00 USD

Upon completed purchase you will be rewarded what's below.

- Onyx In-game title
- Payday increased to 600.00 Shekels hourly
- 25,000 Shekels (One-time)
- 25 Sethomes
- 25 Survival Box Keys(One-time)
- 5 Additional Job Choice (Total 9)
- Discord role (Allows access to talk in-game from discord)

- "/trash" portable trash can.
- "/enderchest" portable enderchest.
- "/craft" portable crafting bench.
- "/fly" allows flight.
- "/nick" change your nick name (colors included).
- "/repair" repair the item you are holding.
- "/enchant" enchant an item while holding it (safe only).

- Shop Tax Bypass (14 days)
- Job Tax Bypass (14 days)
- Death Tax Bypass (14 days)
- Daily Tax Bypass (14 days)

Purchase one-time ranks that will last the life-time of the server. If you want your donation discrete without the rank in your prefix, open a ticket on discord: